CannaBliss Home Spa

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Integrating Galena-Cultivated Cannabis CBD-Infused Massage Topicals

The Massage Experience: CBD massage topicals. 

“Patiently and lovingly, I’ve created the skin-loving, CBD-infused massage oils and topical preparations myself, using the finest skin-loving oils which I've carefully infused with organic Hemp flower grown right here in the heart of Galena Illinois.  My high CBD hemp strains are “Mountain Mango” and “Cherry Wine.” ~ Theresa Young

The Wrap Experience: Maximizing trans-dermal absorption of CBD with a luxurious body wrap. 

The Auditory Experience:  Sound. 

The Olfactory Experience:  Smell. 

The Gustatory Experience:  Taste.  (Hint:  I'm bringing something sweet from one of Galena's Main Street businesses.) 

2020 In-Studio CannaBliss Rates:  

90-Minute: $140

120-Minute: $180

2020 Outcall CannaBliss HomeSpa Rates

Outcall service available within 10-miles of Galena's Main Street. 

$10 discount for two or more consecutive sessions.

90-Minute: $180

120-Minute: $220 


Question:  Illinois' Recreational Cannabis Laws changed in 2020.  Can I bring my own to partake before my massage? 

Answer:  For In-Studio services, I do not have an approved smoking lounge (just as I do not have approved space for alcohol or tobacco consumption).  The CannaBliss Home Spa is best enjoyed as an in-home, outcall service where you may enjoy your privacy and prepare for your session however you like!

Question:  Will I get claustrophobic in the body wrap? 

Answer:  My goal is for you to feel safe and warm, as if you're wrapped in a gentle cocoon.  If you feel uncomfortable at any time, we will modify so you continue to receive your BLISSSSS your way!  I'll be with you every step of your session. 

Question: Can we get this a a couples side-by-side session? 

Answer:  No.  I do not offer a couples option for this service.