Continuing Education for Licensed Massage Therapists

Floor-Based Barefoot Massage Training for LMTs


18CE hours • $625

 Training is provided as a semi-private two-to-one learning opportunity; scheduled based upon mutual availability.  Call to discuss scheduling.

This 18-hour continuing education class was developed for the professional licensed massage therapist (LMT). The student will learn how modern barefoot massage has evolved to integrate ancient wisdoms of barefoot bodywork modalities. 

Students will receive a multi-dimensional, full-body prone and anterior barefoot massage routine. Side-lying will not be covered in this class.  

The routine will be modified as needed to best align to the student’s optimal body mechanics and personal strengths helping the student master barefoot methods for a beautiful, heart-centered, intuitive massage and bodywork offering. The class will explore how to utilize the therapist’s own body weight, foot pressure, foot angle, client positioning,  and active client participation during isolations. Students will receive a certificate of completion and 18 continuing education hours as approved by each state. 

The majority of Sacred Sole Barefoot Massage techniques are performed with LMT seated in a chair. Ceiling support apparatus is not required.  

Barefoot Massage for Outdoor/Festival Mini-Session Training for LMTs


6CE hours • $175

Small Class Sizes. 

Call to discuss scheduling.


This 6-hour continuing education class was developed for the professional licensed massage therapist (LMT) as an alternative to traditional chair massage for on-location and outdoor opportunities. The student will learn how to safely and effectively provide a detailed 15-minute barefoot massage routine which is suited for on-location venues. 

“Chair massage has always been so hard on my body.  Though I love outdoor festivals and opportunities to provide massage therapy outside, I dreaded dragging myself to chair massage jobs.  I developed a dynamic and easy seated barefoot massage routine which requires no support apparatus and allows me to travel light, have fun, and get noticed while providing awesome 15-minute express sessions!  Skip the Chair, rest your hands, and massage with your feet!"

LukPraKob Facial Massage Training for LMTs


4CE hours • $125

Small Class Sizes. 

Call to discuss scheduling.

Thai Steamed Herbal Compress Facial Massage is one of the top-selling massage enhancements at Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork.  The work is offered as an add-on to massage or a stand-alone, 30-minute service.  Inspired by ancient wisdoms of Thai facial massage, the focus is on both Sen energy lines as well as delicate facial tissue.  Therapeutic herbs are wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied into a tight ball which is steamed and worked into facial muscles in pressing, circular, rolling, and tamping movements.   An oil facial massage follows, and includes the head, neck, décolleté. Not a skin-care or cosmetic facial, but rather massage dedicated to face, neck, shoulders…It’s pure bliss.  No previous Thai massage training is required.

Classes are scheduled ongoing.  Please contact Theresa for more information. 

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