On-Location Massage & Spa Service

Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork offers on-location/mobile massage services brings the spa experience to you!   All equipment and supplies are provided; just choose a location in your home or vacation rental and Theresa will do the rest!

On-Location Massage & Spa Services for Ladies' Groups
Theresa will arrange for on-location Massage & Spa Services at your Galena rental.  For larger groups, Theresa will contract other professional, licensed massage therapists to join and provide services in the comfort and privacy of your Galena vacation rental.  ​​Please contact Theresa to create customized services for your group. 

2019 Mobile Massage Rates
60-Minute Session = $110
90-Minute Session = $140
120-Minute Session = $200


Restorative Swedish Massage
Traditional Swedish massage techniques personalized  for each  individual creating a gentle, yet effective, rhythmic massage which releases tense muscles and facilitates a deep sense of calm and head-to-toe relaxation.  The finest skin-loving aromatherapy oils and lotions enhance this extraordinarily relaxing therapeutic and restorative massage.
Pregnancy massage accommodations available. 

Facial Fusion Massage Services  

Chinese Facial Fusion Massage, Facial Gua Sha, Thai Luk Pra Kob Facial Massage .... all exceptionally relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage modalities which engage specific pressure points on the face to tone, uplift, remove tension.  Each modality draws upon ancient traditions with glorious natural aromatherapy oils and plenty of steamy towels.  These are not cosmetic or skin care facials, but rather focused massage for your glorious facial tissue.  

Sacred Sole Barefoot Massage  
One of the BEST things about Sacred Sole Barefoot Massage is its completely portable!  
Receive "heeling" barefoot massage in the privacy of your home.  
The energy and broad pressure of the feet create deeply relaxing and luxurious therapeutic work...the most decadent deep tissue massage in Galena!  

YoMassage Small Group Sessions ~ AVAILABLE AUGUST 2019 

YoMassage is a fusion of relaxing and supported restorative positions with hands-on massage therapy. Students hold each position for around 8-10 minutes while a massage therapist comes around and performs manual massage techniques. Classes can range from 1-5 people and last for 60-120 minutes.

This class utilizes hands-on techniques to improve joint range of motion, increase extensibility of muscle tendon unit and periarticular connective tissue, return normal neuromuscular balance between muscle groups, reduce compression on joint surfaces, and reduce injuries. 

Individuals will be placed in a passive non-linear position on the floor to initiate the massage techniques, instead of upon a traditional treatment table. This class may be especially helpful to alleviate back pain related to tight hamstrings, quadratus lumborum, gluteals, pectoralis, and psoas muscles.

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