SoulSpace ~ Yin Yoga Massage

What is SoulSpace ~ Yin Yoga Massage?

SoulSpace Yin Yoga Massage

An Integration of Restorative Massage, Yin Yoga Asanas,

and Sound Healing

This 90-Minute SoulSpace is NOT your average yoga class!

SoulSpace provides an opportunity to restore your being while drawing upon the wisdoms of therapeutic massage, Yin Yoga postures (asanas), and sound healing. 

* Receive hands-on massage during Yin Yoga asanas

* Aromatherapy and healing atmosphere

* Restore body and soul

* Reconnect with your breath

* Guided healing sound wash meditation 

SoulSpace creator Theresa Young is a licensed massage therapist and certified Yomassage™ Instructor.  During the SoulSpace class, Theresa works with small groups of five students guiding into safe and comfortable Yin Yoga asanas using appropriate bolsters/support to maintain comfort.  Hands-on massage therapy is provided to students during each asana.  Glorious aromatherapy and skin-loving topicals enhance the experience.  The SoulSpace class closes with a guided integral sound meditation.

No previous yoga experience is required. 

Because class size is limited, pre-registration is required. 

Schedule online, or call 815.403.3505